Toritsu Shiokaze Park

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Toritsu Shiokaze Park is a city park located in Odaiba island close to Daiba station in Tokyo. It is the largest park in the Tokyo Waterfront Secondary City Centre and from the park one can gaze upon the beautiful scenery of Tokyo Bay with Rainbow Bridge in the background.

There is a water fountain plaza and Washington palms and cascades create an exotic atmosphere. The sun plaza on the west side of the square with playground equipment is a recreation area for children while equipment in the shape of a ship is also used for children playing.

There are rows of cherry trees along the water and greenery promenade while the Tower of the Evening Sun built as a sundial shows mysterious light when the sun sets in a gap in the centre of the tower. There is also an enormous circular plaza used for picnics and other events besides a barbeque plaza and a rest house to feel some pleasantly salty sea breezes.

A solar power plant exists in the location besides a sculpture called ‘Sunday Afternoon on Shiokaze Park’ which changes shape when viewed from the front or side. The park is a beautiful recreational area in the city of Tokyo and offers some respite from city life.