Nakamise Street

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Nakamise Street is a shopping street in Tokyo that leads to the Sensoji Temple, the most visited Buddhist temple in the city. The street offers some nice local culture of downtown Tokyo and one can also find some shops that sell interesting souvenirs and foods that are really tasty.

There are a variety of stores on the street like the Japanese craft shops, Kimono shops, good restaurants with fast food like the belt conveyor sushi bar. Many events are held on the street throughout the year and the street shows a kind of retro atmosphere that is reminiscent of the Showa era.

There is a glimpse of the ordinary lives of the people at this corner of the street and walking on the street takes one to a trip to experience real Japanese local Edo culture. The Japanese souvenir shops and boutiques sell bags, shoes like the wooden sandals worn with Kimonos and accessories besides Edo style toys and trinkets and foods like the rice crackers, azuki bean paste and sticky rice cakes.

The street offers a slice of real Japanese life and one can enjoy to explore this unique street that is fascinating not just for the shopaholic but also the general culture lover.