Kowloon Park

Kowloon Park Entrance
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Kowloon Park is located in the central zone of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. It is the largest park you will ever see in the middle of the city in Kowloon, with an area of 13.3 hectares or 33 acres.

The park used to be a military based  by the British Army in 1861 and named it as “Whitfield Barracks.” Kowloon Park was officially opened for public visit on June 24, 1970 after the Urban Council redeveloped the site. It also underwent a major redevelopment in 1989 and was funded by the then Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club at a cost of $300 million.

Now, Kowloon Park has lots of scenic spots such as the Roof Garden, Maze Garden, Chinese Garden, Color Garden, Bird Lake and the Banyan Court. Besides these gardens and aviary, there are also other facilities like playgrounds, fitness trail, sports center and swimming pool. The swimming pool can hold up to 1,500 people and it is considered as one of the best swimming pools in Hong Kong. In fact, it is the venue for the international swimming events in the country.

Kowloon Park is now managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. The park is open daily from 5:00 in the morning until midnight. Admission at the park is free. Charges apply only for the usage of swimming pool and sports center.

Kowloon Park
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