Kiyosumi Garden

Image by Irina Gelbukh.

Kiyosumi Garden is a traditional Japanese stroll garden located in the area of Fukagawa in Tokyo. The garden has been constructed using classical principles in the Meiji period and is a beautiful landscape dominated by a huge, central pond.

Water worn boulders were brought, hills and dry waterfalls were constructed and stepping stones among small inlets of lakes created to make a pathway of picturesque episodes. There are three big islands and a teahouse on the pond and when crossing the pond by stepping stone pathways, one can view fish in the pond besides carps, turtles and waterfowls.

There are over four thousand trees in this constricted space like the Japanese black pine and fine and beautiful stones were also brought from all over Japan to create a veritable stone garden. The garden has been designated as a Tokyo Metropolitan Place of Scenic Beauty and offers a big respite from city life.

There is a famous haiku poem of Matsuo Basho carved on the monument stone which mentions ‘an ancient pond /a frog jumps in /the splash of water.’ The park is not just a big natural respite in the urban area of Tokyo, it also offers solitude and peace.