Jingshan Park

Image from Wikipedia.com.

Jingshan Park is a public park north of the Forbidden City in Beijing. The focal point of the park is the artificial hill Jingshan literally meaning ‘Prospect Hill.’ The park has formerly been a private imperial garden and attached to the grounds of the Forbidden City.

The park is listed as a Key State Park and serves as a protective Feng Shui shield and also is protected from the dust storms of the north. The park is a popular place for people socializing and gathering with folks dancing, singing opera and doing other cultural activities like the performance of kuaiban or oral storytelling.

There are also folks performing the martial art of tai chi or playing keepie-uppies with oversized shuttlecocks. One can climb to the top for a magnificent panoramic view of the capital city and princely views over russet roofing of the Forbidden City. The park also bursts into bloom with colourful peonies and tulips forming the focal point of a popular flower fair.

The east gate of the park has some nice cafes outside it and one can just sit and relax in this unique natural environment. The park is a green oasis in the middle of the city and is a refreshing natural and cultural experience for the visitor and tourist.