Imperial Palace Bridge (Nijubashi)

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Imperial Palace Bridge is the official bridge to the Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo. The bridge has graceful arches that span the moat from wide gravel plaza to the heavy wooden gate. The bridge is the official entrance bridge to the Imperial Palace grounds and is closed except for significant state occasions or delegations from abroad.

There is a second metal bridge behind the first and when viewed at correct angle it looks like one bridge giving rise to the name Nijubashi or the ‘double level bridge.’ The bridge is photogenic with evergreen trees overhanging the huge rock walls and there are also stucco white walls with a traditional sweeping roofed guard house in the background.

Swans living in the moat gracefully complete the scene of the bridge which is popular especially among Japanese tourists. It is also possible to stand in one place and enjoy the views of the bridge and the surrounding scenery. The bridge appears on guidebooks and postcards of Japan and is arguably the most famous bridge in the country.

The bridge can also be considered as a symbol of Japan and visitors to the country can relish this unique experience not just from the pictures that are available but also from a real visit.